Friday, July 25, 2014

Bob & Monica: Ring Update!

Hey, do you all remember the lovely Monica and Bob, the artist-musician couple we wrote about on the blog a couple months back? 

We finished their rings! And they're gorgeous. 

Bob's ring (bottom) is made of purpleheart, lined wenge. Monica's (standing) is the reverse. As you can see, both the purpleheart and the wenge have a crazy amount of tonal depth. The variance of wood never ceases to amaze us. We guess that's why we dedicate a lot of our lives to it.

Want to make us a ring of a special wood or material in your life? Come get at our Custom Order form! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shop Visit Photoblog: Matt & Tatiana

Matt and Tatiana thought they'd get the rings all wrapped up and head out but when they tried them on, they didn't want to take them off! We asked them to pose for a few candids, then sent them off in the direction of a favorite neighborhood restaurant. When clients are around, the joy just does not stop!

Their rings are rosewood and mother of pearl. Like the looks of them? Check out the shop.

This is what happened when we asked them to kiss for the camera: 

Ready to make your own wood wedding rings? Head to the Custom Order page!

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Sea in a Ring: So Beautiful It's Embarassing

Bogwood, Turquoise, Malachite, Mother of Pearl

This ring puts us in the mind of the summer sea at night, maybe some moonlight passed along the water, and the song "Sea of Love," by Phil Phillips. Particularly the cover by Cat Power. 

Come with me, my love
To the sea, the sea of love
I want to tell you how much I love you

The ocean can feel endless, a circle is endless, life is finite but can be so lovely.

We're getting a little too philosophical, maybe. It can be a problem around here. We're aware. We're working on it. But! Those aren't tears. That's just the shore wind kicking up sand. 

Okay, we're fine now. Promise. Just go watch this ridiculous video (for a very different sea/love song) while we put ourselves together.

Then head to the Ring Shop for your own embarrassingly beautiful adornment. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Guitar + Xylophone = Ring

At a show a few years ago, a gentleman approached Gustav: he had worked for a now-defunct Chicago xylophone factory for years, and had collected out-of-tune rosewood keys throughout his career. He'd never found a real use for them. Now he was clearing out his house and wanted to know, did Gustav want them? Of course the answer was a resounding (ha!) YES. 

We're so proud of this beautiful custom ring, made with that rosewood and a client-supplied guitar string. Check out how well the metallic spring of the string combines with the super-rich and multi-tonal wood. What could be more visually musical?

Want to own your own guitar string ring? Head over to our Custom Orders page to start the show!

Want to reuse the rest of the guitar, too?

Check out this ingenious/melodic home from Fairy Meadows Miniatures!

Perhaps something a bit more pragmatic and everyday?

Everyone needs more shelving! (via Apartment Therapy/Recyclart)

Reusing is all about innovation, and we love that!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Check Us Out on A Practical Wedding!

We love A Practical Wedding. It's a down-to-earth and beautifully designed site to share wedding and commitment ceremonies, get ideas, discover how-to's, and find cool vendors.

Because of this, we couldn't be more pleased to be listed in their Sane Vendors Directory! 

Check us out, and take a look at all the other wonderful vendors they showcase! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Meet Us at the Not Wedding!

Details: August 14, 2014 - 6:30 PM @ City View Lofts
Special discount: check the end of the post to learn more.

We love all of our clients, so much. We love talking to them and collaborating with them and taking pictures of their bright, beautiful faces when they stop by the shop. Most of all: we love that we get to share in the making of a meaningful object.

Often, those meaningful objects are engagement, wedding, and commitment rings.  And we're so excited to contribute to so many special days!

Because of this, we often find ourselves at wedding-centric events. We don't often go to large conventional expos--most people there are on the search for more traditional rings--and so it's special, niche events where we turn up. They're chock-full of sweet people and pretty things, cleverness and magic and light. We were used to the idea of setting up the rings, talking to folks, being a part of the fair melee. We figured we knew the routine. Until now.

From our friends at Green Wedding Alliance (with whom we do the fantastic, annual "Committed" show), we heard about THE NOT WEDDING.

It's not a wedding, but it's not not a wedding. 

And we're pleased as punch to be providing the engagement rings and wedding bands for the not-couple, who are local Chicago married folks who will be renewing their vows at the event.

We'll also be in the Tunnel of Love (vendor fair) to talk to guests about our rings and their dreams!

So join us for a dynamite dinner, super-fun dance floor, and awesome, hand-picked vendor-rama to get some great ideas for your own special day.

Interested in coming? Want a discounted ticket? We'd love to share our golden tickets. Email Amanda at amanda @ gustavreyes DOT com to let us know!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spotlight: Client-and-Ring Specialist Allison is a Not-So-Secret Artiste!

Happy Monday! 

When you receive your Simply Wood Ring, you'll receive a thank you note from us: we believe it's important to display our gratitude on a daily basis, many times over. We're are lucky -- SO LUCKY -- to be working with wonderful people and beautiful materials day in and day out.

Allison -- who gets to talk to clients and collaborate on rings every day -- sometimes adds her own little flair to the notes...and what a flair it is!

Allison wishes a client happy birthday:

Allison lets another member of the team know she says "hello!":

Allison draws a pensive portrait of Gustav, accompanied by a similarly pensive quote:

Allison keeps this moustachioed gentleman-ring* nearby for jazzy midday inspiration: 

Allison draws from memory an older man whom she saw at GreenFest Chicago 2013: 

Simply Wood Rings is a wonderful place to be, and Allison's cartoons are totally awesome reminder! 

Wishing you teammates as great and supportive as ours...

*We would totally wear this ring!